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Simon Shaw of Legacy Comics in Halifax by Cat Byrne for Inktober 2016

424 – Simon (Inktober day 9)

Meet Simon Shaw. He runs Legacy Comics in Halifax. He’s figured out my weakness because he always keeps some TMNT comics aside for me. So… an Inktober piece to say thank you! First, the pencils: And inked: YOU SEE!!!??? He’s doing it there, trying to […]

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148 – Like this, dear?

Taken again from the book “Les Gens de la Terre”, this one of an elder woman in 1912 in the Lower Rhine region of France. You can totally picture it, can’t you? Her great grand son has pitched up with one of them new fandangled […]


147 – The farm girl

When I do live figure drawing, I rely far too much on luck; either it turns out alright, or it’s a total flop. I’m pretty sure it’s because I don’t draw enough. If I had more practice using ink and watercolor to draw people then […]