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Nintendo commission

560 – Billie Jo as Zelda

A sweet little ink commission I made for a friend of mine back in October, of her daughter dressed as Link from Zelda, sitting on a Mario mushroom, playing her Nintendo GameBoy with a Ninji and a Latiku’s Cloud. Click here for my commission rates.

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Owl superhero woman ink and marker commission by Cat Byrne

507 – Owl superhero commission

Sometimes, people ask for commissions of friends of theirs, rather than of comic characters and superheroes. I always find these challenging because of the level of expectation that the result need to look like them! Here’s one where I took a bit of liberty and […]

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Free Comic Book Day 2017 FCBD Mizzle Legacy Halifax by Cat Byrne

484 – The Big Kahuna poster (FCBD)

Keeping up with this week’s Pulp Fiction theme, here’s a poster I worked on for “The Big Kahuna”, an independent comic con organised by Legacy Comics in Halifax on the same day as part Free Comic Book Day. As always, it started with some messy […]

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Win a print of Alan Rickman as Severus Snape by Cat Byrne

Win a free print of Snape

If you’ve missed out on this giveaway, you can still get this print here. I’m going to start doing giveaways over on my Facebook page this year, and who best to kick it all off than the beautiful Alan Rickman, as Severus Snape. Here is […]

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Simon Shaw of Legacy Comics in Halifax by Cat Byrne for Inktober 2016

424 – Simon (Inktober day 9)

Meet Simon Shaw. He runs Legacy Comics in Halifax. He’s figured out my weakness because he always keeps some TMNT comics aside for me. So… an Inktober piece to say thank you! First, the pencils: And inked: YOU SEE!!!??? He’s doing it there, trying to […]

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355 – Raphael commission

Remember this commission of Leo? It had been commissioned as a gift, and was so well received by the recipient that she commissioned one back for her friend! Done in pencil on bristol board. If either of you happen to read this, thanks for the […]

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329-331 – Tasha

I felt a lot more “with it” this week at the life drawing session. I even liked my warmup sketches; that’s saying something! Tasha 8 Watercolour on manila paper. 2 x 10 minutes Tasha 9 Watercolour, 20 minutes Back to the drawing board with this […]


325-326 Anita (life drawing)

First up, a couple of warmup sketches from this session: First one in watercolour & ink, 15 minute pose. Second one just watercolour, also a 15 minute pose. I really like her face here. Anita 23 I think this was a 20 minute pose. Perhaps […]

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304 – Snape (includes process)

My tribute to Alan Rickman. Nearly every day I read the Harry Potter books to my child (once we finish a book, he’s allowed to watch the film). Naturally we are both completely obsessed with the magical world, the story and the characters. When I […]