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The Life of Ethel Death - the Death Family Tree - comic by Cat Byrne

582 – The Death Family Tree

What comes before a first issue of a new comic? …An issue Zero! Peter Duncan – the editor of the upcoming Splank! comic – has decided to publish a “Zero” issue ahead of Splank #1, and so for that I drew up Ethel Death’s family […]

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Judge Dredd by Cat Byrne

580 – Judge Dredd

My friend Peter who organises the 2000AD Sector 13 Fanzine in Belfast had asked me if I ever felt like submitting any artwork to it, so I finally got around to drawing the grumpy old judge. In my style, of course. T-shirt & Mugs available […]

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Ninji Turtles by Cat Byrne

577 – Ninji Turtles!

You’ve heard of Ninja Turtles. You may have heard of Ninji (the little star shaped character that jumps up and down in Super Marios Bros 2). Now I present to you… Ninji Turtles!!! Surprised it hadn’t been done before a million times, really. This design […]

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TMNT shamrock four leaf clover st patricks day by cat byrne

463 – TMNT shamrock design

This month I’ve taken part again in the art contest on the TMNT Lives 4 Ever facebook page. The theme this time was St.Patrick’s Day, so it seemed wrong not to turn the turtles into a four leaf clover. It’s also available as a T-shirt […]