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TMNT Chibi Raphael Nightwatcher on a trike by Cat Byrne

600 – Raph on a trike!

I can’t believe I’ve made it to 600 drawings. Well over halfway now, only 400 to go! Here’s a commission I absolutely LOVED drawing… those of you familiar with my blog won’t need me to explain, but for everyone else, it’s a Ninja Turtle! My […]

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TMNT Slash veterinarian commission by Cat Byrne

588 – Dr. Slash, Veterinarian

I absolutely loved working on this commission! It was commissioned by Mike (a vet himself), and it’s of Dr. Slash doing a checkup on the turtles. Lots of cool little details in this one which Mike and I bounced ideas for… there’s a Vitruvian Turtle […]

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The Shredder chibi inks by Cat Byrne TMNT

578 – The Shredder

Here’s a chibi Shredder I drew in ink recently. Like him? He’s for sale on my shop. I drew him for my entry in the TMNT Live 4 Ever monthly art contest over on Facebook (the theme for February was Valentine’s Villains). After all the […]

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Ninji Turtles by Cat Byrne

577 – Ninji Turtles!

You’ve heard of Ninja Turtles. You may have heard of Ninji (the little star shaped character that jumps up and down in Super Marios Bros 2). Now I present to you… Ninji Turtles!!! Surprised it hadn’t been done before a million times, really. This design […]

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