Katie Amos equine photography dressage armour commission by Cat Byrne

599 – Katie and her horse

Katie is a professional photographer at and also a dressage rider. Here is a commission of her and her horse, dressed up in medieval armour (I didn’t make that bit up… they actually wear armour together! Aren’t they just fantastic!?) Katie was one of the […]

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Iron Man care bear ink commission by cat byrne

598 – Iron Bear

Here’s a commission of a mashup between a Care Bear and Iron Man. I absolutely LOVED drawing this commission, thank you Rebecca! If you’d like me to draw something for you, have a look at my commissions page.

Poppy dog portrait commission by Cat Byrne in Todmorden, in ink and watercolour

597 – Poppy

Here’s a commission I made for Pam from Hot Dog Walks in Todmorden, who responded to my appeal for commissions when I was needing to raise some quick funds to pay for my dog’s surgery. First stage in ink: And then watercolour: Pam is a […]

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Hermione Granger sketch by Cat Byrne

594-595 Sketches at the Old Co-op

Last weekend, I was at a popup art and craft market at the Old Co-op in Todmorden (formerly the Bear). It’s such a lovely place, and it deserves to be used, especially filled with art and creative things. Last September, when I was at Thought […]

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Porg by Cat Byrne - Star Wars viii The Last Jedi commission

592 – Porg

Here is a commission of a lovely little Porg, longingly watching the Millennium Falcon, and hoping it too could fly. Done in ink and watercolour… thank you Heather! My commission rates are here > Like Porgs? I also have a print on wood of a […]

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TMNT Slash veterinarian commission by Cat Byrne

588 – Dr. Slash, Veterinarian

I absolutely loved working on this commission! It was commissioned by Mike (a vet himself), and it’s of Dr. Slash doing a checkup on the turtles. Lots of cool little details in this one which Mike and I bounced ideas for… there’s a Vitruvian Turtle […]

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586-587 Tree of Life Roses

This was a challenging one! My friend Alison asked me if I could somehow fuse a Tree of Life and a Glasgow School of Art-style rose together, for a tattoo idea. Here’s what I came up with! Both Alison and I prefer the second one… […]

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Red Panda and Ninja Monkey by Cat Byrne

584-585 Ninja Monkey & Red Panda

Last week my rescue pupper Mini the Poocher needed some urgent tooth extraction (8 in all, poor thing)… and so to raise some quick funds for the vet bill, I offered sketches and commissions over on my Facebook and Twitter for seriously discounted sketches and […]

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