525-542 Conversations With Myselves

Introducing my new book – Conversations With Myselves – which will be launching at Thought Bubble 2017! This is a one-off book dealing with mental health and healing. Suitable for all ages, it is all about embracing different aspects of our personality, overcoming feelings of […]

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524 – Commission

As a companion for this commission I drew recently, here is a drawing of someone who’s been doctor-fied! His favourite doctor is Matt Smith, and he loves lego. That’s why the sonic screwdriver is made of lego. The artwork is in ink, marker & gold […]

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523 – Oh, Jeremy Corbyn…

The comic publisher Self Made Hero is printing an anthology of Jeremy Corbyn comics. Here is the artwork I entered The quote come from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu (or Lao Tzu). It’s in chapter 67, and it goes like this (translation by […]

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521 – Miss Abyss

I’ve really enjoyed working on this one. Here was the process. And finally the colours: The artwork is 12″ x 16″. I’m planning on making a collection of work like this, in the same style & technique so that I can exhibit and also print […]

Out of Hours Comics Mr Omega III by Mert Yeygün, Cat Byrne and Mert Baran

Mr.Omega III (colours)

*Warning – content on this page is for mature readers only, due to graphic violence and choice language* If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may know that I occasionally work on a comic called Out of Hours, which is quite dark […]

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Hades and Hades playing Twister comic art by Cat Byrne

520 Hades & Hades playing Twister

You ever get that feeling that you’re getting really good at something, and full of confidence? And then you go and destroy it all with one single artwork. Ugh. Yeah, that. Tried going fancy with the colours, and the background. Nope, just nope. Nope nope […]

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Didier the Gitanes smoking snail - illustration by Cat Byrne Art

517 – Didier

Didier likes to smoke Gitanes, and he doesn’t appreciate people asking him how he manages to light them. Or for that matter why he has four eyes. 8″ x 12″ Ink, marker & watercolour I love drawing these! I’m aiming to keep making loads over […]

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Rotten tomato art by Cat Byrne

516 – Rotten

New drawing today! It’s of a tomato, and he looks quite rotten. Same technique as last time – ink & watercolour – except without the marker stage. It was because I wanted to try and compare what it would look like without it. Not because […]

Flirty Bertie bird comic art by Cat Byrne

514 – Flirty Bertie

My brain is a little bit looser now. Here’s a little guy that popped into my head and had to come out. His name is Flirty Bertie. And he will charm you. Most likely with a chat up line about stars falling from heaven. He […]

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