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Ninji Turtles by Cat Byrne

577 – Ninji Turtles!

You’ve heard of Ninja Turtles. You may have heard of Ninji (the little star shaped character that jumps up and down in Super Marios Bros 2). Now I present to you… Ninji Turtles!!! Surprised it hadn’t been done before a million times, really. This design […]

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Mizzle Less Talk More Read inks for Border Bookshop Todmorden by Cat Byrne

572 – Mizzle: Less Talk More Read

Towards the end of the year I illustrated a poster for Border Bookshop here in Todmorden. It’s a real Alladin’s cave of books, magazines and comics… and the couple who have bought the business are hard at work re-imagining the space to steadily transform it […]

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Life of Ethel Death by Cat Byrne in Splank Annual 2018

570-571 – Life of Ethel Death

I’m very excited to announce that this year my Death Girl will be making her first appearance in a printed comic, in 2 pages of Splank! Annual. I’ve named her Ethel, and without disclosing too much of the story before it gets printed, here’s a […]

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Life of Ethel Death coming soon by Cat Byrne

564 – Death Girl 2017

Death Girl (aka the grim reaper in training Ethel Death) is getting her own pages in the upcoming comic, Splank! More about that to come on this blog, but first, this drawing of the new look which I designed for her:

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561 – Doggo & Kitten

A hand-drawn card I made for my son, last October. Ink & coloured pencils. I drew these because of how much he loves animals. Little did we know we’d have a rescue doggo of our own, less than ten days later! My commission rates >

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