Month: May 2015

155 – Raphael study

So I bring my watercolours with me on holiday, and every time, apparently this is what I am inspired to draw… Not the amazing mountains-meet-sea majestic landscapes of North Wales. No… Ninja turtles. Yes ladies and gentlemen I am a big old geek. But a […]


153 – Baby Snowball

Inks for this episode of my webcomic, Mizzle. And here’s what it looks like, finished: Now available as an art print! > So yes, third up in the series of superhero baby pictures is Snowball. She controls ice. Here’s what she looks like grown up. […]

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152 – Baby Cinders

And here is the artwork, finished: Now available as an art print! > Carrying on with baby pictures of Mizzle’s superhero sisters, here’s baby Cinders. I’ll be scanning this and cleaning it up. Mizzle is my free webcomic, about the runt of a litter of […]


149 – Baby Tinder

Inks for this episode of my free webcomic, Mizzle. And here’s what it looks life, finished: Now available as an art print! > Mizzle is the runt of a litter of superhero cats. This series will be baby photos of all the four sisters. First […]

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148 – Like this, dear?

Taken again from the book “Les Gens de la Terre”, this one of an elder woman in 1912 in the Lower Rhine region of France. You can totally picture it, can’t you? Her great grand son has pitched up with one of them new fandangled […]


147 – The farm girl

When I do live figure drawing, I rely far too much on luck; either it turns out alright, or it’s a total flop. I’m pretty sure it’s because I don’t draw enough. If I had more practice using ink and watercolor to draw people then […]


146 – Linework for Mizzle 23

See the finished piece here > (on Mizzle’s wordpress blog) I had SO much fun with this one, spending a ridiculous amount of time designing my own art nouveau style font (for the text, not the heading… That one is based on a Grateful Dead […]

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145 – Artwork for Mizzle 22

Carrying on from last week where I decided to only post on this blog the original hand-drawn artwork for my comic, before it gets corrected and coloured on the computer… Here is Mizzle 22 (part 3 of 6 of her origin story). This was a […]


143 & 144 – Anita (life drawing)

Anita 7 40 minutes, watercolour and ink. I tried something different here… I laid down the foundations with a brush and diluted black watercolour — instead of using pencils. Hence why the construction is all over the place. Don’t think I’ll try that again for […]

1000 drawings by Cat Byrne 1 to 100

Drawings 1 to 100

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages! In fact, 42 drawings ago 🙂 I started this challenge last October, so as to document the progression of my work, and see where my art takes me after 1000 drawings. Here are pieces 1-100, in a […]