Month: February 2016

Rocketeer comic art commission by Cat Byrne

339 – Rocketeer

A commission of the Rocketeer by my friend Mert, to use a profile picture on his blog MisterJJJ Comics over on tumblr. Done in pencil first and then coloured in photoshop. And here is the original pencil drawing:

African Sunbird watercolour ink art by Cat Byrne

338 – African Sunbird

Apologies for the bad quality of the photo. I never got to scan this as it was an impromptu get well soon card for a family member, while I was on holiday last week. It’s of an African Sunbird (male); and was done with ink […]

big kahuna tmnt preview by Cat Byrne

337 – Big Kahuna

This is a drawing I did on the train from Paris to the south of France last week. I have no idea why. It made sense at the time. Scanned it today and added some colour: And here was the original drawing in my sketchbook:

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336 – Leonardo Commission

A commission of Leonardo (in the 2014 movie style), with a very special friend of his 🙂 It was nice to work on something traditional, especially given I was on holiday without access to my computer. Pencil on bristol board, A4 size.

Four brothers - Donnie Raph Mikey Leo - By Cat Byrne

332-335 Four brothers

I have a blog on tumblr (other than my art blog) called TMNT Metal. I created it in April 2015 because I was starting to enjoy tumblr a lot, and wanted a place to post or reblog the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles art that I […]


329-331 – Tasha

I felt a lot more “with it” this week at the life drawing session. I even liked my warmup sketches; that’s saying something! Tasha 8 Watercolour on manila paper. 2 x 10 minutes Tasha 9 Watercolour, 20 minutes Back to the drawing board with this […]


327-328 Christina (life drawing)

Firstly, I must apologise to Christina. She is such an amazing model, and I wish these works could have reflected this better. I struggle a bit with seasonal affective disorder – and perhaps some remnants of post viral fatigue that hit me hard the last […]

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325-326 Anita (life drawing)

First up, a couple of warmup sketches from this session: First one in watercolour & ink, 15 minute pose. Second one just watercolour, also a 15 minute pose. I really like her face here. Anita 23 I think this was a 20 minute pose. Perhaps […]

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Mr Omega now also in Turkish!

Our new latest comic “Mr.Omega: There’s no place like home” is now also available in Turkish! Written (and translated) by Mert Yeygün, and drawn by me, Out of Hours Comics is a collection of dark & twisted short stories that are free to read online. […]

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324 – Superhero Training

My latest Mizzle! Follow the non-adventures of Mizzle, the runt of a litter of superhero cats. While she’s not quite cut out for the glamourous lifestyle her sisters enjoy, she’s going to do things her own way. It’s a story of coming to terms with […]

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