Month: January 2015

Christina 6 life drawing nude by Cat Byrne

#63-67 – Christina (life drawing)

#63 – Christina 4 Warmup piece on only part of the paper. I may use the rest with other monochromatic portraits in future. #64 – Christina 5 Same pose/time, but wanted to practice warm/cool tones. Better than last Monday, but I ran out of time; […]

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An angel in LA original art by Cat Byrne

#61 – An Angel in LA

Original art for sale on my website > Determined not to let last night’s figure drawing disappointment get the best of me, today I’m practising all those things in the comfort of my own home. Also I watched some youtube vids on building up warm […]


#58-60 Robin (life drawing)

#58 – Robin 4 Inspired by a book i’ve been reading, I wanted to try working with skin tones and the warm/cool effect. I need to keep reading. #59 – Robin 5 Another thing I wanted to try out was painting watercolour without build lines; […]

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mizzle comic 1 by cat byrne

#56 – Introducing Mizzle

Meet Mizzle, she’s my new friend whom I’ve been spending so much time with recently, and whom you’ll probably be seeing more of in future. I figured before I venture into a 4-issue comic or graphic novel, I should practice panels, pace and those sorts […]

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#55 – Daphné (portrait)

It’s official. I hate making portraits. This was the third (and last) in this series of poorly represented nieces. I’d drawn it a month back but had nearly binned it in frustration of it looking too mechanical. But Daphné liked it so I carried on, […]

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