Month: March 2016

356-357 Robin

Following the previous life drawing which hadn’t gone so well, I was a little apprehensive about a longer, 4 hour session. What if I left my brain at home again, all snuggly under a warm duvet… leaving the rest of me to fend for itself, […]


355 – Raphael commission

Remember this commission of Leo? It had been commissioned as a gift, and was so well received by the recipient that she commissioned one back for her friend! Done in pencil on bristol board. If either of you happen to read this, thanks for the […]

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the window by tom burleigh and cat byrne

354 – The Window

Introducing another piece I’ll be working on with Tom Burleigh, The Window, a short story about the drama of nature, life and death as seen through a window. I illustrated and designed this cover for it… … and will be illustrating the story. We are […]

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353 Ola

Do you ever get those days where you just can’t get anything right? These drawings were done a couple weeks back, and definitely fit within that category. I tried loads of things – pastels, watercolour crayons, and markers – but my heart wasn’t in it, […]

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351-352 Seraphium

Teaser art for issue 3 of Out of Hours Comics (the webcomic I started with writer Mert Yeygün). Here again, I’m doing any logos and design needed for the story. I can’t say too much about this story, as we are still working on issue […]

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350 Reluctance cover

Following the introduction of Relucance – a comic I’m working on with Tom Burleigh – here is the cover. Reluctance is a 25-page comic currently in production, following the protagonist Frank throughout the day as he mainly sits in his attic. There are zombies. Sort […]

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TMNT 2014 Raphael by Cat Byrne

348 – Raphael

Aaaand… we’re back to turtles. Here is a thank you card I made for a friend. She’s a bit taken by Raphael too and in particular from the 2014 film. It’s in ink and watercolour.  

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345-347 Christina

Life drawing session from earlier this month, with the amazing Christina. All of the papers for pieces I pre-stained with coffee. I think that may be the last of that batch! Christina 28 30 minute pose, in watercolour and acrylic, on A5 size watercolour paper. […]

Tasha 13 watercolour life drawing by cat byrne in todmorden

344 – Tasha 13

This one is starting to date a bit (from a month ago). I’ve been so busy with an application for something big (news to come very soon) that I’ve been neglecting this blog a little. But there has been lots of new work! I’ll be […]

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Attic room by Cat Byrne

343 – Introducing Reluctance

I’m really pleased to announce a new one-shot comic that I’m working on with Tom Burleigh, called “Reluctance”. The story mostly takes place in an attic, and is mostly seen from one perspective (which actually ties in with the plot, strangely enough). Given that the […]