Month: November 2015

265 – St Nicholas (commission)

I was hired recently by a French poetry collective to make a poster for an event they are holding, about St Nicholas… including an illustration Yay! So here’s the illustration. It was made on 11 x 15″ watercolour paper using ink and watercolour. I did […]

Art by Cat Byrne - new website

New website up!

I’ve been on the quiet lately, because most of my time has been spent completely overhauling my website. With this version, I’ve showcased my artwork a little better, but I’m also displaying more of the work I’ve been doing over the years as a designer. […]

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Inktober art for sale by Cat Byrne

Inktober at a glance (many for sale)

Wasn’t Inktober fun? I had fun anyway. Still recovering from the late nights though (catching up with all the things I *should* have been actually doing), and the house is still mostly in shambles. But when I see all the pieces put together, it makes […]

Mizzle comic by Cat Byrne

264 – Mizzle for ScribbleCon poster

Big news of late is that our local comic group (Calder Valley Scribblers) is organising a comics & zine fair next year. It’ll be March 19th in Todmorden (in Northern England, between Manchester and Leeds). It’s early days yet, but we wanted to get a […]

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Anita 19 by Cat Byrne

263 – Anita 19

One of four from last week. I don’t have the others to hand as they were all still wet (I love using solid black ink for Anita’s dreadlocks!). I didn’t go this week though as I had so much work on, and every hour helped. […]

Ola 5 by Cat Byrne

262 – Ola 5

The 5th piece from my first session with Ola, which I’d not scanned before as it was drying in the studio. Maybe it’s the darkening days and grim weather at the moment, but I’m tiring easily by the end of the evening. Here I tried […]

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Mizzle comic 42 detail by Cat Byrne

261 – Mizzle

I don’t always post every episode of my webcomic Mizzle here, as she has her own wordpress blog but once in a while I like to show a drawing or two. If you’re familiar with Mizzle, you’ll probably have noticed that it’s my playground for […]

eeevil raph cropped version by Cat Byrne

260 – Eeevil Raph

I’d been so wanting to get this out for Halloween, and I’ve missed it by an hour. Ah well, it’s still Halloween somewhere in the world. So this is a piece I’ve been working on for a couple of months. I have a lots of […]

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