Month: February 2015

Family portrait - Mizzle comic by Cat Byrne

102 – Mizzle’s family portrait

Now available as an art print! > This is the first time where Mizzle’s family is shown; it took ages to develop and get right, so I’m thrilled that it’s complete! If you like my Mizzle comic, she has her own website now (and tumblr, […]

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#101 – Dave 3

Watercolour & ink, 35 minute pose I was’t going to post this one, as I’m in two minds about it. This was the third and final piece in the session with the model Dave. As I wasn’t getting on with the style I’ve been previously […]

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#100 – Dave 2

Watercolor & ink, 30 minute pose. I wanted to focus on his face and hands, his bushy beard and his awesome retro watch! So here I tried one last attempt painting Dave with the watercolour & ink technique I’ve been working on recently, except with […]


#99 – Dave 1 (Man on Chair)

Watercolor & ink, 30 minute pose. Thought I’d try my hand at the same illustration style as in Lisa 7 last week, but French boudoir style just didn’t fit Dave. It’s funny innit, how you think you have a style down and then when you […]


#98 – Big Raph

I’ve been sketching turtles again. Thought I’d try them in my newly acquired watercolour and ink technique, but I think I’ll leave it at this one of Raph. At first the style was too delicate for the subject matter, so I added more line work. […]

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Lisa 7 life drawing by Cat Byrne

#97 – Lisa 7

This piece available as a limited edition print > 45 minute pose, watercolour & ink…following the same style as in Lisa 6 (but with less facial fudge-ups). One person in the group commented that this has a French quality to it, which I found amusing […]


#95 – Lisa 5

10 and 20 minute poses, watercolour and ink. We’d not had the pleasure of drawing Lisa in a while, in fact the last time it was when I first used watercolour. And I think I got Lisa’s name wrong then — if you’re reading this, […]

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#92 – Leslie 5

Monochromatic again, although here I thought I would give the sumi-e brush (that my mum recently gave me) a try. I like the brush! I only decided to use it halfway through, and so hence why it’s not really sumi-e (there’s other brushes being used, […]

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